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It's Amazing What God Can Do

There's a great passage of scripture found in Jeremiah 18:1-6.  God told Jeremiah to go to the potter's house and He would teach him a great lesson.  When Jeremiah watched the potter; when he got through with the piece of clay he was working on, the clay was marred in the hand of the potter.  So, the potter squished the clay back together and made it into a new vessel.

God can do that for us too.  If you have messed up your life, give it to God and let Him squish you back together and make you into a new vessel.  Please don't ever hesitate to call on me if I can help you know Christ as Savior of your life.

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Movie Update

Well, it looks like there is a possibility that the movie release will be moved back until January/February 2015.  I don't understand all the inner workings of the movie industry, but, I trust the wisdom of those who know what they are doing.  It'll still be great!

Words Matter

The young couple was out for a walk when they decided to sit on a park bench and rest.  After a long pause, she asked, "Do you think my eyes are like stars?"  "Yeah," he replied.  "And do you think my teeth are like pearls?" she continued.  "Yeah," he said.  "And do you think my hair is like spun gold in the moonlight?"  "Yeah," he repeated.  "Oh Joe!" she said.  "You say the most wonderful things!"  Don't let people pull the positive out of you.  Say it without being coaxed to do it.


I finished nine weeks of radiation treatments. Thank you all for your nprayers.  I'm praying that it did what it was intended to do.  It will be a couple of months before I know the results.

Time keeps moving forward and the release date for the movie draws closer.  All I know is that it is supposed to be released in October.  It was great to see Rowdy Roddy Piper again after 30 years.  He did a great job acting.  He plays a promoter, Nicky Stone.  Diahann Carroll (still beautiful) plays Miss Edna.

I think it"s going to be great!


I have seen the Director's Cut of the movie and also the first three Trailers for the movie and, they are all awesome!  As I receive word on th release date I will let you know.  I think you will be very excited when you see the wrestling scenes in the movie.  James Preston Rogers plays the part of The Reaper.  He is an awesome looking individual.  He was also in th running to play the part of Thor.  I think he would have been a better Thor than Hemsworth.  Brett Granstaff does an excellent job in the wrestling scenes!  I think it is going to be a great movie!  Watch for A Masked Saint!!!

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