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Preacher / Wrestler / Superhero

Whaley said he never put on a mask and went out at night, but just about every chapter in the novel was based on real-life experiences. Whaley said he doesn't know why, but those kinds of experiences keep happening to him. A couple of years ago he was making a hospital visit before revival services that night when he saw a young man hitting and cursing at his pregnant girlfriend. When Whaley yelled, the man started toward him. Whaley's instincts took over. He met him halfway, slammed him to the ground and called police.
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The Masked Saint by Chris Whaley

Who is the last person you would expect to be a super hero? Answer: A Baptist minister. Author Chris Whaley, Southern Baptist minister and former professional wrestler, in his book The Masked Saint, brings to life a new Christian superhero. Rev. Chris Samuels becomes The Masked Saint. He is inspired by childhood friend, Miss Edna, a little black lady who inspires him to help those who can't help themselves. Your heart will be greatly encouraged by her wisdom and his might. There's not another novel like The Masked Saint!

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Marc Mero, Champion of Choices

Marc Mero, WWF InterContinental Champion
(AKA) Johnny B. Badd/WCW World Television Champion
& Founder, Champion of Choices

“Growing up watching professional wrestling and fulfilling my own dream of wrestling for WCW and the WWF you always somehow knew the good guy wins in the end! Everyone has a little Chris Whaley in them!

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A Word From The Author.

I must tell you that the greatest joy of my life is the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.I became a Christian my first semester while attending Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I had never planned to go to college.I went because the young lady I was in love with went to this school (who eventually became my wife).I wanted to be near her.

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