• The Masked Saint

    Who is the last person you would expect to be a super hero?
  • Best Picture Winner

    2015 International Christian Film Festival
  • The Good Life

    Dr. Chris Whaley's interview on The Good Life Channel
  • The Real Masked Saint

    Dr. Chris Whaley's can speak at your event call Alyson 321-525-0112
  • The Saint's Blog

    A Look Behind the Mask. The real Masked Saint shares his thoughts and experiences.
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Speaking Engagements

To have The Masked Saint to speak at your church or event,

call Alyson 321-525-0112

Interviews, Wrestling Footage & More...

Video such as, the real Masked Saint Chris Whaley being interviewed on the Good Life Channel, wrestling footage from a charity event to raise money for a cancer patient's medical expenses, etc...

Stellar Endorsements

The list of endorsements range from world champion wrestler to renowned author to seminary president and more. Their expressed appreciation for this faith-based action hero novel is impressive to say the least.

Order the Book Today

The story of Chris Samuels' struggle to defend the weak while honoring God is an uplifting breath of fresh air. You can order a personally autographed book as a gift or for yourself.

  • I can't even remember who I'm body slamming. It has been too long.
    stress relief
  • Worked an ECW show back in the 90s with Ron Simmons.
    Go Noles!!!
  • What The Undertaker looked like in 1988 when I worked against him.
    in Dallas, TX
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